Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A few years ago I gave middle son my tool boxes, and a number of tools. It was an effort to help him in his career as a tech.

Well, he just joined the Marines, and I got my tool boxes back. To put this in perspective... the main box set needs a trailer to move it, or a flat bed wrecker.

Today I'm in the garage sorting my hand tools and giving them their homes back in the box. In the bottom drawer, amongst other things, I find what's pictured above.

Yes... that is a cast metal dog off the nose of a Mack truck. It is also the figurehead from my first boat, and the last thing saved for it before it was sold off long ago.

It seems the boy has a sense of sentiment that mirrors my own.


Suz said...

(Aww...) Any news from boot camp?

Carteach0 said...

Suz, not a word. No response from any of the recruiters I have left messages with, nor anyone else I have asked... simple question... how do I get his address?

I just keep my hopes up he's doing well!