Monday, November 7, 2011

Tools users will understand....

I have cause to be going though all my tools, and those my son left me when he just embarked for Marine training. Some of these automotive tools I have not laid hand to in ten years. Others I had given my son to start his own career.

Going through sockets tonight, on the final run of a long man/garage odyssey.

So strange... yet so normal... going through a big box of sockets, sorting into sets, and constantly picking up 'Special' ones. Each unusual, if only in my own memory.

"Now why did I have this?? Oh.... that Acura head job.... that %^#%^".

The set of sockets shown above.... My fathers.... the mechanic before me. It was a special pleasure to put this set back into my tool box.

I feel good.

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Rev. Paul said...

Your picture alone brought back some memories. I had a set of S-K sockets my dad sent to me as a present, when I was in the Navy & had just bought a '67 Bronco for tooling around on Adak Island in the Aleutians.

That set was stolen, years later, but your picture brought back memories of the green metal box they were in ... and of the father, no longer here, who gave them to me.

Thank you for the memories. :)