Saturday, December 17, 2011

Food Pron.....


Feel free to drool.... just step back from the keyboard while you do.

This fine and freezing Saturday morning, breakfast had not been planned. Relaxing near the wood stove, and enjoying the waves of heat coming from the old beast, I contemplated breaking the nights fast. What to have.... what to have.... quickly turned into "What have we got?"

Basmati long grain rice left over from dinner last night.
Chopped onion.
Chopped steamed shrimp.
A little whole wheat pancake mix.
Chopped chives.
Fresh ground pepper.
Adobe seasoning.
Old Bay seasoning.

Mix as you see fit. I made a thick mixture that would fall off the mixing spoon into cakes with a little prodding and smooshing. Fry in virgin olive oil (How do they KNOW those olives were virgins?) till GBD (Golden, Brown, and Delicious). Season with salt and more pepper, if you feel the need.

Rest on paper towels for exactly 27 seconds before grabbing a fork and tearing into them like a starving wolf pack at a hippy chicken peace festival.

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Old NFO said...

Those look delicious!