Saturday, December 31, 2011

How being OCD saves me money....

One of the features (not a bug) of being mildly OCD is over-thinking things. Once an OCD-er gets his teeth into a thought process, it continues to conclusion.

So this morning I am running a few errands, and the local gun store is on the list. See, I've had a hankering for an AR variant for some time, and I know they have a few on their rack. Someone sent me a link this morning to an AR .22 rimfire conversion kit, and that started the juices going again.

Arriving at the store at 9:30 (ish), I see a sign in their window that reads 'Sat: 10am'.

Okay.... what are my choices here. I can go up and rattle the door to see if they are actually closed... but the place has lots of windows, and if the door is locked I know they will be looking out at me. I'll be 'That guy who is too $%#@ing dumb to read the sign'.

So, I head back my car, off to finish errands and return later. As I fire up 'lil scooter the vunder junk car, I see two other guys pull in, get out, and walk around the front of the shop.

They don't return.

Oh GREAT.... now I am 'That guy who was too dumb to check the door and find out they really are open, no matter what the sign says'.

Either way, I end up being 'That Guy', and I hate being 'That Guy'. My plan to return later vanished.

I think being a bit OCD just saved me $700.

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