Saturday, December 10, 2011

'Payroll tax reduction' debate..... bargaining with the devil

A while back, the President and his buddies granted us peons a tax reduction. They agreed to steal away less of the money we earn, and allow we peasants to use our own earnings as we see fit. For many families, it amounted to about a grand a year... enough to pad the food budget, or make up for the rising cost of the fuel we need to get to work each day..... IF we have a job.

Now, the President and his buddies in Congress are once again debating whether or not to allow us to keep that small amount of money we earn by our sweat and tears. They say "We have to 'pay' for that tax reduction somehow", as if our money belongs to them, and the peasants using their own money to feed their families is somehow a pleasure they allow us at their own sufferance.

Their plan, so far, is to grant us one more year of keeping a little bit of our own money..... if everyone agrees to take the 'rich peoples' money away... forever. One year of slight tax reduction, in exchange for a permanant tax increase on whoever they define as 'rich' that week.

This scenario plays in my head this way...

A thieving, murdering criminal breaks into a families home and begins carrying out whatever shiny things catch his eye. The homeowner catches him in the act. The criminal says he will just take some of the stuff, for now, if the homeowner will promise to never lock his doors again.

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