Sunday, December 11, 2011

1000th post...........


So.... I look out my front window this morning, and notice our new neighbor putting up a fence in his front yard. He's working that big bleeping roll of wire fence all by himself, and I don't see another person around. I'm looking at him.... and I know damn well he's going to do that fence all by himself... the whole yard.

No %$#@!$@ way.... that's just wrong. I get my lazy butt dressed warm
for outside work, grab some leather gloves..... and that's where I have been all day. Now their yard is fenced and their dogs are utterly thrilled to run free. I bet his wife is going to be stunned happy too when she gets home from work.

Me...... soon I'll take a long hot shower, and self medicate with Crown Royal analgesic, because my back is announcing a certain displeasure with my choices today.


Hat Trick said...

You did a good thing. Knowing that should help soothe the pain.

Witch said...

Better than State Farm!

Me, not you said...

Good fences make good neighbors, or something.