Tuesday, December 27, 2011


  • I spent much of the day cooking some of my favorite comfort foods, and was rewarded with excellent results. French Onion soup and baked macaroni casserole.
  • I met a friend for the first time, and discovered he is every bit the intelligent gentleman I always thought he was.
  • I was given a gift... an M1 Garand. Owning a Garand has been a life long ambition, and this one coming as a gift from a friend makes it all the more special. More will be written of that rifle in the near future.
  • I held an actual piece of history in my hands. An F45 Liberator pistol. (Today I hope to photograph it). When he rolled that from it's protective covering, my jaw dropped.

I suspect today will be pretty good as well.

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Curmudgeon said...

My best friend has an old garrand. He loves that more than his wife and tells war stories about it (not his just legends) I only shoot trap and other than trapguns are not that gun savy even though I have a few.

I wanted to thank you for your haiku. It was great! You sound like a pro. I decided early on I wanted happy haiku's. It's not your fault you're not a mind reader. It's all for fun and I hope you participate again. Auntie belle won and I wanted to make sure you went to http://abporkrinds.blogspot.com to participate next week and mine /curmudgeonscomplaint.blogspot.com to see everyone's haiku.