Sunday, January 1, 2012

Back to business

I'll admit, I slacked off on hand loading quite a bit last year. Between a stockpile, lack of shooting time, some lucky purchases.... I simply didn't need to reload much.

This morning I mounted the press back where it belongs, moving it off the temporary loading bench I put together when we moved here. Later today, should my ^%#%^%^ back not put up too much of a fuss, I'll put the rest of the loading station together. Already the polisher is running with a BIG load of 30-06 cases.

Feels good.

Except for the back thing.


Funny thing... This is my first 30-06 to load for in a decade, but I managed to find three die sets for 30-06 in my gear. Standard, neck sizing, and match.

Shells run through the standard full length sizing die chamber just fine in the M1 Garand. Perhaps I won't need to buy a small base die set.

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