Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cool Android phone tricks.....

I know compared to some... say, my eldest son... I am a Luddite. That said, I get along with technology just fine, except I tend to be just a little behind the curve. That's okay... it's called 'The Bleeding Edge' for a reason.

So.... I'm sitting on the hopper and multitasking. That means I was using my Droid X to browse Amazon while I was otherwise encumbered. I see under search functions a button for 'Scan It'. Pushing it, my phone becomes a bar code scanner a few seconds later. Well shoot! That's neat! Picking up an empty Bandaid box from the trash can, I wave it in front of my Droids camera, and a moment later Amazon is reporting out on every box of Bandaids they have for sale.

I don't care WHO yar, That There Is COOL!

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