Friday, January 13, 2012

Planning for a future where meds cost too much... if they are available at all....

Someone asked about the Doctors appointment, and what's up.

It's nothing critical... nothing bad... I'm just doing some planning. I'm actually meeting with a nutritionist the doctor set me up with, and here's why.

There is a very real chance, if not probability, that my job as a public school instructor will implode in the next year or two. That's not my preference, but a result of school funding and politics. We as instructors are expendable... and that has been made very, very clear recently. Very clear indeed.

So, I have to think ahead. If my job goes, so does my paycheck and my medical coverage. Also my prescription coverage.

I take daily meds. Two for blood sugar, one for blood pressure, and one for cholesterol. All are as minimal as they can get and still have insurance cover them. In fact, one is so minimal that we have to fudge it a bit, with me taking less than the actual prescription. If the doc wrote it for real, the insurance would reject it, as they are idiots.

I see the need to plan on not being able to get those meds in the future, a year or so out. Towards that end I am getting together with the nutritionist and seeing what my diet would look like in order to do away with the need for those medications. I think it's possible, even if not enjoyable. Today I find out.


Bob said...

Good luck.

Peter said...

Good luck from me too.

Another possibility: check whether any natural health products can substitute for medications. For example, look up "red yeast rice" as a substitute for cholesterol medication.

Suz said...

You might look into the Paleo-diet. It has some critics, but it's based on the foods we evolved to eat.