Friday, January 20, 2012

S&W M+P 15-22 accesories.....

I'm looking at the rail farm on this here M+P 15-22, and thinking about all the crap I can hang on this rifle. Lights, lasers, handles and cup holders, Oh MY!

I have reached a conclusion on how I wish to outfit this rifle for the time being. You want to know what this shootin iron needs more than anything else? The one accessory it just cries out for?

A case of CCI ammunition..... THAT'S what this thing needs!


JohnMXL said...

Don't forget the curb feelers, baby moon hub caps, fuzzy dice and raccoon tail!

Old NFO said...

Ammo is 'always' a good thing to have :-)

Carteach0 said...

I attached the sights this afternoon when I got home and set out a target.
Fired one round... and lost it.
Walked out to find a bullet hole smack in the middle of the dot I had scrawled on the paper plate.

Ya well.... I guess it shoots.