Friday, February 10, 2012

Yes, yes it does suck sometimes. Having to be the mature adult in a room full of people acting like small children often sucks.... a lot.

It's not FUN to be the one saying "No... you can't have that... it costs too much" to the children all the time.

It's not EASY being the one who cleans up after the little brats, because no one else will.

Every parent who's ever had the secret urge to duct tape their kids into a chair and walk away for a few hours of peace will understand this.

Just chalk this one up as a refill to the great big pile of things some folks just refuse to think about. Thinking is hard. Someone else will do it. Give me some ice cream. Look, a squirrel!


Bob said...

Damn shame that Rand Paul isn't running for President. He'd run loops around the rest of the candidates, including his father. He's only a first-term Senator, though, and obviously feels that it's not his time.

trailbee said...

He could be our President, a real President, in 2016! What a great speech. Thanks for the post. I need to link this, so there are more than one place to hear it.