Thursday, February 2, 2012

Burning up a sick day......

Irony: I am drinking this morning's coffee from a large heavy mug, given me by a local school district in gratitude for my efforts with their students. The irony part is this.... I'm sipping my morning coffee as I contemplate the end of my secondary teaching career. The gratitude was valued at a coffee mug, but little else. My own school administration places my value at less than a mug, I think.

It's time to move on in life. Scary, frightening thought... but life is about change. Eliminate the change, and life becomes less than livable. Change is frightening, and so is life at times.

When I began my teaching career a decade ago, the school was a dedicated team all working towards the best technical education possible. Change happened there too. The goals evolved with the new administration, and education became a byproduct of running a school business. The administrator's custom made desk became more important than equipping the labs. Giving the directors cute secretary a huge raise became more important than training instructors. Eliminating non-profit programs for training high school kids and replacing them with profit generating adult programs suddenly became the norm.

Change is not always good.

Long ago, my mother told me I did not play well with others... and I ran with sharp things too. She predicted I would never be happy working for someone I didn't agree with and respect. Smart women, she was.

So... relaxing with an excellent mug of coffee this morning, as I burn a sick day off the books. I'll be doing more of that, I suppose, as the school will not compensate for the many months worth of sick days I've never taken. They would if I retired, to a point, but not now. You see, Administration has hinted their lives would be easier should I resign and allow them to hire in somebody new, inexperienced, untrained, and 'easier' to pay. Strictly business Old Boy... nothing personal. It remains to be seen what they will offer me in return for making their profitable business decision making lives easier. I suspect it will be nothing at all, if recent history is any indication.

Life is change, and change has come to roost. Now I must dust off my decision making skills, warm up my old dice rolling cup, and make some choices.

Well.... this should be interesting.


TenMile said...

Damn. Parts of the PA system stink.

I asked because I had a desire to know how many awards your students earned during your teaching tenure.

Carteach0 said...

Dozen? Couple dozen? I never kept track. What always mattered to me was my kids lives after they left, not so much what they won while there.

Old NFO said...

Carteach, the REAL losers here will be the kids. You will land on your feet, but them, not so much... Sorry for your travails.

Jean said...

Interesting is only one word for change. Neverending fits right now.
Someone suggested the other day that, since I live in a tourist town, I could tend bar. When I asked them how many soon-to-be 61 year old female bartenders they've noticed, they got real quiet. 'Oh'. Yeah.

Your options look pretty good. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get to take the one(s) that will make you happy.

Rev. Paul said...

I suspect you'll do well, regardless of which option(s) you pursue. Good luck.

Bryn, Anglesey said...

Just a thought, but given the imminent drop in standards at your current employer, would it not be worth talking to major dealerships/repairshops in your area to see if there is an opening for a well regarded trainer of apprentices? 'Twere best done quickly of course, as the good reputation you have helped build up where you are will probably be worthless within 12 months.

Our thoughts & best wishes are with you,
Bryn & Diane.