Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday AM

Chorizo, onion, potato, eggs, cheese, parsley, pepper,
salt, hot cast iron... assemble.

*In other news, the weather today is flipping gorgeous, and there is a military rifle shoot at the club this afternoon. Liberty and I plan to attend, and I will probably request second squad just so I have an excuse to hang around there the rest of the day. 58 rounds through the Garand will be a fine exercise in humility.

*Gun show report from yesterday: Meh. Small show, with the usual suspects. I saw a pair of 1895 Winchesters with 'Climbing Lyman' sights on them... a first ever sighting in the wild for me. Both rifles were on the high side of $2K. The one in '.30 Govt' was especially attractive.... but lacking a sacka, all I could do was say thank you for the chance to hold it. Unlike the last show I attended, I didn't see a lot of hardware leaving by the front door. What my wandering eyes did see was a largish handful of new gun owners... all of them women... all middle aged... all city folk... all with small black plastic boxes with handles.

*As for gun show purchases beyond the coffee.... I bought a cheapish forward handle for my M&P 15-22, and that was it. Coming home, I looked at putting it on and then immediately handed the rifle off to the neighbor boys for their days shooting expedition. Between rifle, Eotech, Mags, etc.... there's may be a Grand there, but I have the good kind of neighbors. If I see them hanging around this morning, I'll get it back and take it to the match with me, just for fun.

*Lately, I've been ramping up 'The Selling 'O Stuff'. Mostly on Ebay, but also on Armslist and Craigslist. As much as I really dislike E-bay as a company, and their thieving subsidiary Paypal.... they are the only real game in town right now. As a man who's career will likely end, or at least change radically, in a very few months... I need to optimize the incoming and minimize the outgoing. Towards that end, I have actually been spending money.... on tools and reloading gear, which I then clean up and flip for sale on-line. Sticking with what I know folks.... just sticking with what I know.

* Regarding the turbine engine parts mentioned here, It's boiled down to this: They are regenerators, and didn't THAT cause me some study time as I have never heard of the concept before. Tomorrow I have a date with a man and a XRF gun, which should give me a pretty exact line on their composition.... and decide if they are valuable super metal scrap or my newest grilling surface over the fire pit.

* In other news..... I launched a new charity fund raiser over on the Carteach0 Blog... which appears to be nosed over and heading in at terminal velocity. 1500 page views a day, and no response to the fund raiser or the prize it offers. Last time I did this we put together over $2500 for Wounded Warriors. This time.... not even crickets. Ah well...... times is hard.


Richard said...

Any news on what the turbine regenerators are made of?

Carteach0 said...

95%+ carbon steel. I am mounting over my fire pit, as a new grill.