Saturday, February 18, 2012

What caliber for Big Brother?

Seems an animal rights activist group was planning on using a camera equipped radio controlled aircraft to disrupt a bird shoot on private land.

To the surprise of no one but a handful of complete idiots, the thing was shot down.

This begs the question..... "What caliber (gauge) for privacy invading snooper camera equipped RC helicopters?" I suspect an upcoming run on super tight choked 10 gauge shotguns.


ZerCool said...

Hm. Given the thin skin of most RC kit and the insane amount of small-delicate parts within, I expect a full 2-ounce load of #4 turkey shot from a tight 12 would do the trick admirably...

Rita Mosquita said...

I wonder what it would cost to get equipped to check out what the neighbors are doing with a rig like this equipped with a camera? I am thinking stealth, not disruptive for OPSEC.