Monday, March 12, 2012

A couple things come to mind right away when I read this article (linked from Instapundit).

1) The headline says 'Error'. There was no 'error'... it was fraud. They faked their job.

2) Man, I have so many lazy days myself. In fact, I fight laziness daily. On the other hand... when I have a lazy day I don't screw up peoples lives for years and years to come, like getting hit with a DUI does.

That takes a special kind of arrogant.

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ZerCool said...

Ouch. In NY, that would probably account for one of two charges being overturned.

If an officer stops you and performs field sobriety tests (walk-and-turn, nystagmus, balance, etc), he can make the charge of DWI based exclusively on those field tests. When he takes you back to the station in cuffs and does the Breathalyzer there, there can be a second charge of "Driving with BAC >0.08%". Obviously, that'd be the one that would be dropped - but not the DWI based on the field tests.

Of course, a smooth defense attorney is going to appeal the conviction on the first based on the removal of the evidence for the second. I think a reasonable argument could be made in some plea deals that "I was over on the breath test, so why fight it?"

This is going to end up costing the taxpayers of SF a whole truckload of money in officer overtime (for testimony at appeals), settlements, defending suits, and so on.