Thursday, March 1, 2012

A good moment in life....

Last night Princess and I took a drive, and ended up in a place. There we met up with Kelly The Ambulance Driver, the brilliant gentleman who wrangles Too Old To Work Too Young To Retire, Calvin's Mom (Who really IS), Calvin's Mom's Hubby, and another lady who's name has flown my mind... but is frighteningly smart.... and proceeded to the bar for a sampling of fine beers and acceptable munchies.

Kelly is exactly as described.... brilliant and side splitting humorous.... and has excellent taste in beer and blondes to boot. The proprietor of TOTWTYTR is easily on the same level as Kelly, and if I ever collapsed in a heap of barely breathing pain, I'd want those guys on the ambo. I might still die, but I'd go laughing.

I'd like to report a wonderful evening getting to know Kelly and TOTWTYTR better, but the best I can do is say we met and got a few words in. See... shortly after that first (Victory Victorious Doublebok) beer, I got into a conversation with Calvin's Mom's Hubby on the subject of Man's nature, God, and the interaction between. By the time I came up for air, it was witching hour and time to leave.

Ever been in a room where everyone... and I mean EVERYONE... is way smarter than you? Yeh... it was like that, only with really good beer.

Now I'm off to do another 14 hour work day. Ya'll play nice, and be kind to one another now, Ya hear?

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TOTWTYTR said...

Ever been in a room where everyone... and I mean EVERYONE... is way smarter than you?

In fact I have. The last time was on Wednesday night. Sadly, I didn't have nearly enough time to talk with you. I spent my yout working on cars, including rebuilding and dismantling several. I think we could have talked old cars for hours.

Next time.