Monday, March 19, 2012

Well... It's a Monday. How adorable.

I attended the clubs military rifle match on Sunday (see photos to follow...). Since the match was themed 'Foreign bolt action and straight pull rifles' I chose the Enfield 2A, along with 58 rounds of elderly Norinco 7.62mm ammunition (Excellent stuff, that Bubba Clinton pulled the plug on).

I had not fired the 2a in a match before, so old ugly was a virgin at this. I knew it shot well, but that's not the same as standing up to a match.

Since we had three squads to squeeze in, all eight sighters were fired before staging. With the aid of a spotter I found my point of aim, and started plunking bullets into the black pretty quick. Like I said, the rifle is a shooter, despite it's sights and trigger designed 120 years ago.

In the match, things went well until roughly the 35 round mark.... whereupon it all went to hell in a hand basket. It seems the elderly Enfield 2A may be willing, but simply does not DO WELL when it's literally smoking hot. Grease began cooking out of the stock which hadn't seen the light of day in three generations. On target, corrections faltered and became meaningless as my nice group opened to a pattern.

Still, I managed to shoot a 380 1x something, give or take, with only a couple non-scoring shots. I'm pleased with that, and I learned some more about shooting discipline. Next month may be a two gun match for me, shooting the AR and the Garand. Already looking forward to that!

In other notes..... It may be noticed there is now an Amazon search box here on the sidebar. I've joined their 'affiliates' program, figuring that even my own purchases will add up over time. Despite their policy of 'paying' 60-90 days after the purchase, I expect to be seeing enough each month to maybe buy some coffee, or some other needful things. I believe we are entering a time when most folks will be looking for even the slimmest edge towards making ends meet. If that means some ads and a search link on my blogs... so be it. Besides, I like shopping Amazon. It's often cheaper than local stores, and so convenient.

In other other notes..... Today I am teaching day and evening, and will be doing so much of this week and next. This 'ol fat man is going to be a whupped dog. Needs must be. The rent is not going to pay itself!

Ya'll have a fine week, ya here? My best to ya!



freddyboomboom said...

Beautiful photography, as usual.

Do you mind if I copy a couple of them for my wallpaper directory?

Hope you still had fun at the match.

Carteach0 said...

Copy away, and I hope you enjoy.

I had a ball at the match. Hell, I could try a 50 round match with a smooth bore musket and I'd have a ball.

Th Enfield really IS a shooter.... just not after it gets smoking hot. Next month I shoot the AR!

Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear about the 'heat' issue... That sucks!

Carteach0 said...

NFO, I am torn on this one. The rifle is a piece of history, to my eyes. I could make it shoot, I suspect, by doing some work on properly bedding the bundle of sticks called 'Stocks and hand guards' on a SMLE. I know it will hold the black at 100 yards comfortably... till it gets hot, and that is usually bedding issues.

That said, I don't need another vintage match rifle. I already have five others I could have shot that bolt action match with, and every one of them is an accurate shooter at any temp.