Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Zimmerman/Martin shooting in Florida

Regarding the Zimmerman/Martin shooting in Florida, a few comments.

First, it may appear I am in the Zimmerman camp on this. I am not. Nor am I in the Martin 'Hang 'em first and ask questions later' camp. If I have a side at all, it's the 'let's wait till we know the facts' side.

What I have seen so far is badly distorted by agendas. The news media shows pictures of Martin when he was 8 years old and cute, and scary mug shots of Zimmerman. They don't show (and I think intentionally) images that show the 6'2" young football player stacked up against the 5'8" pudgy middle aged Hispanic guy. They also leave out the part where Zimmerman has a broken nose and head wounds consistent with having his head beat against the concrete. They also leave out the part of the 911 tape where somebody is screaming like a girl scout in fear, and Martin's family says it wasn't him.

What we DO hear is a constant litany of self serving politicians and race baiting profiteers screaming for 'justice', which they define as a grand old 1860's style lynching. It's not funny at all how they also seem to define 'justice' as something they should make money on. That smacks of blood dancing to me, a sickening, disgusting type of human greed.

I felt bad for the Martin family, in their grief over losing a son. I have been there, done that, and it rips out part of your soul. I felt bad for them.... right up til I read how they had paid filing fees for copyrights on fund raising phrases containing their dead sons name.

As for Zimmerman.... I would not have followed on foot as he did. But.... I am not him, nor have I been in his situation. Did his actions lead to the confrontation? Probably. Did he initiate violence? I don't know. Did he beat his own head against the pavement and break his own nose? Somehow I doubt it.

My view.... the facts are not plain, and anyone jumping to conclusions with what little we know is doing so for their own personal agendas, not to serve justice.