Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Ballot offerings.... sigh

Folks.... I am disheartened and disgusted. Looking at the primary ballot, and the likely upcoming ballot for Nov 2012, all I see are the same people with minor variations on a theme.

I am heartily sick of having no one to vote for.

Certainly, I am presented with plenty of people to vote against. In fact, if we listen to everything both parties and all the current candidates say about each other, every last scurvy dog in that pack is a prevaricating, scheming, thieving, moronic cretin with craven longings for destruction, poverty, and oppression, and has terrible body odor on top of all that.

I'll say it again..... I am heartily sick of having
no one to vote FOR.

I am bombarded with sniveling twits and twittettes to vote against, but not a single decent statesman, scholar, visionary, or leader to vote for. The two party system we have been saddled with over generations is designed to destroy such people, in a concerted effort to leave the playing field open to their own power hungry money grabbing cabals.

As a result..... we have what we have before us. A political battleground bereft of decency, honor, honesty, and most of all.... intelligence.

I am sick of it, and of them. All of them.

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