Sunday, April 29, 2012


Hat Trick said...


Was the target shot offhand or from a rest?

Rev. Paul said...

Mighty fine shootin' there, Tex. :)

Carteach said...

Rested on the porch railing, at roughly 40 feet. This rifle shoots better than I can hold it, period.

I have given it a name already.

'No Excuses'

Carteach said...

The amazing thing about that group is the math involved.

Consider... the range was short, only about 40 feet (The length from my deck to the woodpile that serves as backstop).

So... 40 feet, with a .22 leaned against the railing as a rest.

Think.... how closely aimed must the rifle be to get a five round group like that? I suspect a difference in muzzle direction equal to the width of a hair would triple the size of the group.

That is astounding to me, and is so every time I see a tiny group shot at distance.

Thomas said...

Wow. Seeing the picture (10/22 plus an Eotech) made me realize ... I never thought of trying that. I had an extra Bushnell holosight (Eotech without the armor shroud and about $100 less than a real Eotech) laying around, waiting for a project ... and now it's on my 10/22.

Even at the discount off what a regular Eotech is, the red dot holosight cost over twice what the 10/22 rifle cost. But it's going to be death on paper targets and tin cans on the plinking range.

Nice idea!