Saturday, April 21, 2012


We be having a bit of rain just now......



TenMile said...


Question; Has your school Administrator served any indication of a continuing plan after culling all the possible tenures?

Carteach said...

Not sure what your question is TenMile, but I think I can answer anyway.

I think the director has... sort of... a plan. It involves the school moving heavily into post-secondary education with paying students, making our 'public' school into a profitable enterprise. It also means non-union and much lower paid instructor positions. In a tech school.... it also means competing with private sector for people... and low pay means low quality.

I think the Principal has no plan at all, except hanging onto the job he's been angling after for a years now. As such, he's fine with whatever the director does.

He's really not the man I thought he was. My error in judgement. Other instructors did not make that error, and are making their own plans for their future. That may in part explain how many people are leaving.

TenMile said...

Thank you. That did answer the question.

Grats on the patch.