Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Range notes.....

  • Overheard while hanging targets at the fifty yard line: "The scope on my AK is all messed up, so I'm trying to get her straight". Now..... say that in an Amish accent. For what it's worth, the Romak looked like a Tapco catalog threw up on it.
  • Me, seeing a man set up as I tore down. He had an AR, one target, and one partially filled P-mag of ammunition. I ventured "So, you were reloading this afternoon? How is it going?" Nailed it.... mostly because that is EXACTLY what I was doing there, except I had two P-mags full.
  • On that topic, my AR prefers 55 grain bullets over 62 grain bullets, by a wide margin. I'm guessing the old Colt barrel is a 1/9 twist. I shall have to get over lazy and check it.
  • Bravo Company are darn nice folks to deal with, and had my new bolt carrier to me in only days. Completely missing now is the issue of the bolt occasionally catching on the hammer when it was eased forward, and also the feeling of the bolt/buffer slamming back against a hard stop with stiffer ammunition.

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