Thursday, April 19, 2012

The saga continues.. a teachers life


Yesterday I was summoned on short notice to Der Fuhrer's compound (Directors Office), there to be presented with a letter outlining administrations (ie:  Der Fuhrer's) unhappiness with my actually using some of those sick days I have accrued over the last decade.  The missive speaks of a 'Pattern' of using said days on Fridays and Mondays.

Fridays, when four days of heavy pressure in a hostile environment have taken their toll.

Mondays, when the dread of returning to that environment climbs mountain high.

I have already been called to carpet by Der Unterfurhrer (Principal) on this issue, and explained the use of sick days is directly related to pressure administration has applied, and to the certain end of my medical coverage in the next few months.  To keep it short,  I'll no longer have the luxury of postponing medical issues till the Summer months, as most all teachers do.  

Of course Der Unterfuhrer knows this.... he's the first one who officially requested I resign at the end of the school year. 

On that note, administration has had a 'pattern' of their own becoming clear lately.  They are closing programs in our tech school campuses (Seven this year alone), firing those instructors, and funneled the students into other programs.  The long held class size of 20 tech students to an instructor has been official increased to 35 students per instructor, and an aid will be supplied.  Well... maybe an aid will be supplied.  Actually, since they haven't moved to hire any aids... just forget that whole 'aid' thing.  The new class size is 35 students per instructor, period.

Thus.... enrollment is up, instructor salaries are down.... and Der Fuhrer gets $130K a year salary plus $7000 cash a year as vehicle expenses, plus an unlimited school credit card.... and the Unterfuhrer gets a.... well......  he gets up from behind his brand new $4000 custom hand made desk, walks out to his brand new $40,000 car, and drives home to his brand new $400,000 house.

Of course... very few people know of these doings, since instructors have been ordered (in writing) not to speak with the media about anything going on at school.  In fact, instructors have been ordered by Der Fuhrer not to speak with our schools operating committee either.... not that anyone would care to listen on either score.

In other news, I have a job interview this afternoon... with some folks who I suspect are decent people, and who have a grasp of right and wrong that I might understand better.


Jean said...

Holy crap. The administrative animosity is astounding. They seem to be intentionally working toward school fail.

Good luck with the interview.

Rev. Paul said...

Good luck. Your current school doesn't deserve you.

Old NFO said...

Get out while you can... The sooner the better! And keep taking that sick leave, cause you'll never get paid for it!