Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spent time this moning....

Experimenting with AP loading. I loaded pulled AP bullets into match prepped cases so I can comparison shoot them against military factory AP loadings. I can see the Garand getting a workout quite soon, and a write up on Carteach0.


Peter said...

I'm curious. Why reload AP bullets in match casings? Are you trying for greater accuracy than factory AP ammo? I'm not quibbling about the reloading, you understand: just trying to figure out the object of the exercise.

I presume you won't be firing the AP ammo at steel targets, either . . .


. said...


Hmm.... I SHOULD be shooting some at steel, just to see what happens!

The reason for all these antics... Over on Carteach0 there has been some discussion of the accuracy of surplus AP ammunition, or lack thereof. Some swear it's the most accurate available, and others swear a shooter can't hit a house at 100 yards with them.

A reader has sent me some pulled AP bullets to load, along with some factory military surplus AP ammunition. Another reader has been testing along with me, and the results are slowly showing up on Carteach0 as articles.

Sectioning the bullets has been interesting, and research turned up some strangeness in how they were made.

It's esoteric stuff of interest mostly to hand loading perfectionists.