Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Do I need one of these?

Princess uses a Wireless Mouse like this, and seems quite happy with it. Me.... I've just gotten used to the aggravating little touch pad on my Dell laptop.

Amazon has this Wireless Mouse on sale today, and it has good reviews. The only question in my mind... will it make my life $33 better for buying it? Would I be better spending such sums on bullets for reloading? Perhaps on a decent bottle of Bourbon? I could waste it on food or gasoline I suppose.....

Sigh. Such a difficult life.

Oh.... and yes, I do check Amazon's deal page every day. Every once in a while they have something I want at a really great price. Last week, it was a big bag of Peruvian Dark Roast coffee beans for about $13 delivered.

So this morning, I check it... and see some nifty motorcycle luggage coming up on sale... but I no longer own a motorcycle... so now I'm thinking I might like to ride again... and suddenly I'm on Craigslist looking at Goldwings and such... and look! My coffee cup is empty, so time for a refill on the Peruvian Dark Roast... and.... where was I?


freddyboomboom said...

I keep a Logitech wired mouse in my laptop bag for when I'm somewhere I have room for a mouse.

Doesn't need batteries, doesn't lose connectivity.

If I lose it or it breaks, I'm only out about $14.

I recommend wired mice because of the cost of the mouse, as well as the cost (and frustration) of batteries.

Phillip said...

I'm an IT guy, and have a laptop that I take with me when I'm going to client's offices. Sometimes I even get to use it. I have one of the very small 'travel-sized' wireless Microsoft mice that's very similar to that one, ran me about $25 from CompUSA if I recall. If it broke, I'd use the trackpad on my laptop until I could get a replacement, but a replacement would be a priority. I think in a large part it's because I use the scroll wheel on the mouse a lot, and it just feels like I have more control when I'm doing things like copying and pasting, especially the selecting text part. Plus, I use the right-click feature of the mouse a lot when I have the mouse, and it's not as convenient when using the trackpad.

Just my experience, how you use your computer is probably very different, so how much it would benefit you only you can say.

Hat Trick said...

I hate the touchpad's. I bought a wireless mouse with my first laptop. I'm currently using a bluetooth gaming mouse that puts the back/forward buttons, scroll, open in new tab and right and left click buttons at my fingertips.

It's very handy when I'm kicking back in a chair reading blogs. I recommend going for it.

bygdawg1996 said...

I am a guy with big monkey hands so in my opinion I would recommend it because I hate being bound to the lil pad thing. I do enjoy having the freedom from wires and limit of space. IMHO get it!!!

bygdawg1996 said...
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