Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eye-Pro for old farts......

About mumble mumble years back, The Fat Man began wearing glasses to read. Yes, this changed how I used open sights, and took some getting use to. Scopes, spotting scopes, holographic sights... they all had their brand new challenges.

Fast forward to only a couple years ago, and the eye doc used those hated words.. "How Are You With Change?". That time I walked out of his office feeling eight feet tall, as I was wearing bifocals for the first time. I walked like a clown for days, carefully placing my great big flipper feet on a ground that suddenly seemed somehow farther away than reason would suggest.

Friends and neighbors, when one is thrust rudely into such a position, one must simply deal with it as best can. As for Carteach, the experience of teaching a tech class and dealing with safety issues for fifty new young souls a year helped, as I knew about this very cool product:

Safety glasses with bifocal readers built in!

I have been using an AO version of these for years as range glasses, and now I'm thrilled to see Dewalt has jumped into the fray with these 'smoked' versions. If you wear bifocals, you probably know exactly what I am talking about here. If you just wear readers, these are for you too. No more swapping glasses back and forth every two minutes!

Making it even better, they only cost about $12 and shipping is free if you are a prime member. Sweeter yet, Dewalt lens are one of the better ones, and are of good enough optical quality that long term wear doesn't induce headaches. At least, that has been my experience.

I just ordered a few pair of the Dewalt smoked model, for range bag and vehicle. That is a box I'll eagerly wait for!


Peter said...

Sir, I think I love you! I had no idea these existed, but I can really use them for my 'old fart' eyes. I'll be ordering half a dozen pairs, for car, range and general use. Thank you!

Carteach said...

These arrived this afternoon, and I wore them for an hours driving.

NICE! Decent sun shades, and still able to comfortably read the instrument panel without straining.