Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I had some personal days to burn up, or see them vanish unpaid. So.... away to visit a friend and enjoy a day or two of peace and new scenery.

Naturally, I woke this morning to a grenade in my guts. Right quickly I discovered that any screen door within thirty feet of me was in dire danger of being rinsed through with something unspeakably noxious. Holy Crap.... and I mean that in the most punny way possible.... whatever crawled inside me and died should get it's own discovery channel special. I haven't seen anything that foul since... well... never. Thank the good Lord for modern plumbing and high volume ventilation fans.

Now, a load of laundry later, I sit wrapped in a blanket and shivering. Wheee.

Oh well... I'll call it a 'weight loss opportunity' and just go with it.

Now, I wish I had brought along a laptop and some work materials. I specifically left them behind so I'd relax rather than work. Silly Idjit.


freddyboomboom said...

I hope your recovery is swift.

Old NFO said...

Hope for a swift recovery... and at 'that' rate, one day ought to do it!