Sunday, May 20, 2012

Um.... Ouch? Appleseed aches.

Yesterday (Saturday) I volunteered the day to help out at an Appleseed clinic. From early till late, helping out the shoot boss and instructors while watching a section of the firing line.

I are whooped... beat... exhausted... used up... done in... petered out... and that was only the one day. I don't know how those guys do it a full weekend every month!

I didn't fire a shot all day, although my rifle saw heavy use. I went to a young
lady shooting for the first time. Although she was at the far end of the line from where I worked, I gather she did okay. She certainly smiled enough.

It was interesting observing the instructors, as they fill
ed duel roles. All were teaching in one way or another, but several were on their own learning journey to the red hat... full instructor, and shoot boss.

The Appleseed history lessons at the clinic began a train of thought.
.. or maybe just tossed some coal on the fire... and I'll have be writing about over on the other blog as they settle in.

Today... assuming that 800 Mg of Ibuprofen begins to take effect, will be another shooty day as I attend the military rifle match down at the club. I understand the theme for the shoot is 'US Bolt Action Rifles', of which I am sorely lacking. Maybe I'll take along the AR, and get a little payback for all those smoking hot cases that have landed in the small of my back over the years (g).

On another subject....

This being my last year teaching in public school... I am discerning a certain 'slacking' of my regard for the schools arbitrary rules. Rules such as.... not giving the students gifts.

This year, right after graduation, I'll be giving some of the students a present. It will be a pocket knife exactly like the one I carry: Victorinox Swiss Army Pioneer Pocket Knife. This is a gift of respect, of thanks, and one that shows an understanding of who they are.

It seems the whole world is standing in line with their hand out, demanding I hand over every penny I earn for whatever their 'good reason' of the moment is. Well.... this time some of that hard earned cash will go to others because *I* want it to, as I gift a few of me last students with something to keep, and remember the year by.

It was a good year.


Old NFO said...

Yep, even volunteering hurts at our age... :-) And those are NICE knives to give away!

Bob said...

It's funny, but what makes that particular knife a "pioneer" is the key ring. Without it, it's the Victorinox "Soldier" model, the one that used to be used by enlisted men in the Swiss Army. Wenger makes an identical model, both supplied knives to the Swiss Army. Wenger has been bought out by Victorinox, but is still a separate brand.

Carteach said...


The one I carry has no key ring, and is the one given me by a Swiss soldier. I've seen the one reported as the current Swiss Army pocket knife, and it's pretty nice. I still prefer this one.