Saturday, May 5, 2012

Worforce shrinking... (IBD article)

Numbers can be depressing, but I look at such data in the same way one might be attentive to whats happening on the street he's walking down. "Be aware of your surroundings".

Labor force participation..... those who work or are looking for work... less than two of every three people in the country. Add together the people who are unemployed, and those who are not even part of the workforce at all, and we find nearly half the people in this country do not work. Ouch. That is not a happy number.

From the article:
"Combined with the growing working-age population, this has pushed the labor force participation rate — those working or looking for a job compared with the working-age population — down to 63.6% in April from 65.7% in mid-2009, and the lowest since 1981."

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