Saturday, June 16, 2012

Emergency medical kit.... a work in progress

This morning I ordered this: ADC ADSAFE Pocket Rescusitator, for my medical kit bag that lives in the vehicle.

Now.... I just need to learn how to use it.


og said...

I haven't done my CPR recertification lately, but I'm seeing all sorts of stuff that says they're phasing out the "Rescue breathing" portion of CPR.

The theory is that there is already enough oxygen in the lungs to sustain life, and that only the chest compression is necesary. Good article about it here.

I'm hoping to take an ATLS course soon, (Advanced Trauma/Life support) which is the segment of emergency medecine after bandaids, slings and elevating feet for shock; it covers chest wounds, amputation, etc. You have to get permission in some places to take the course as it's set up for med students, but it's supposedly the best training of it's type you can get.

Phillip said...

The other reason that I've heard they're doing away with rescue breathing is that not only are chest compressions more important, when done properly they allow for air circulation anyway. Think about it, when you push the chest down, air comes out. Then you release, the chest comes up... turns out that there's air going in at that point. At least, that's the way I understood it, I think from Ambulance Driver.

Old NFO said...

This one has the nipple to be able to put an O2 line on. Good choice!