Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monster Hunter Legion, by Larry Correia.... a review

My son and his wife were thoughtful enough to find Larry Correia at BEA a week ago, and ask him to autograph this ARC of Monster Hunter Legion for me.

You know I have been reading it in spare moments since the boy plopped it into my eager hands... and I feel ready to offer an opinion.

Larry has written us a good story to read. It's full of action, monsters, guns, wry humor, explosions, monsters, and more guns. In other words, it's an excellent and highly readable tale, carrying on with folks we know from Larry's previous books.

Some authors can build a character, even in a light hearted shootemup action novel, and bring the character alive for us. Larry Correia is one of those authors, and has us flipping page after page simply because we need to know what happens to Owen Pitt next.

Monster Hunter Legion is a book that will make you delay bedtime a few hours, just to keep turning the pages.


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