Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rough morning...


I attended a support hearing this morning, which I had filed for. It generally went in my favor, although it was not the result I wished for.

The divorce I began some years ago languished for lack of funds and caring on my part. She swore she needed my medical insurance, and I was content to let her have it as long as she left me alone.

Now, I need to know the continual slow bleeding process is going to end, and the only way to do that is to file for divorce again. 'Spousal Support' is an unending deal, with no mechanism to stop it unless she agrees, or we are divorced. Today she made it clear.... she never intends to let it stop if she can help it, going for every ounce of my sweat she can, for as long as she can. The rest of my life if possible.

Along the way, she let slip today that she has full medical coverage through her disability, and my insurance which she needed so badly.... nothing but a secondary insurance.

After these last few years, I have come to enough peace within myself that I can see through the crazy now, and she simply can't push my buttons no matter how hard she tries. All that's left is pity, and a bottomless deep desire for freedom from the insanity.

A friend gave me the name of a decent divorce attorney today. It's time to finish this.



GBBL said...

"she simply can't push my buttons no matter how hard she tries. All that's left is pity"

I know about that. I'm glad that I don't have that with the woman that I give my love, but it is familiar territory none-the-less.

Rita Mosquita said...

I have never understood how someone like your not-soon-enough ex who once pretended to love you can turn around and treat you with such malice.

Karma, it will get her.

Carteach said...

I wouldn't judge her too harshly. We had a lot of good years, and the love was very real. She just.... turned into someone I couldnt love, or even care about.

Mental illness sucks, and hurts more than the aflicted.