Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sipping some Evan Williams Kentucky bourbon.

No, I have not abandoned my beloved Ezra Brooks Kentucky Bourbon... I'm just trying spirits new to me. The same trip to the state owned liquor store yielded up several interesting bottles of sweet red wine, a decent vodka, several quality bourbons, and a jug of long island iced tea (which I am too busy [lazy] to make myself). Other stuff may have tagged along home as well.

I earned this booze.... and shall enjoy every bit of it.


ZerCool said...

A lot of people poo-poo Evan as cheap bourbon... or perhaps because it's cheap bourbon.

I've found it perfectly acceptable as the basis for a Manhattan, any kind of cooking, and not too bad for just sipping.

Old NFO said...

I'll stick with my Scotch... :-)