Monday, June 25, 2012


Blogging my life kind of stuff.......

The new job is consuming. Long hours, deep into learning the ways of the company, and back into a world I left a decade ago. In many ways it's like putting on a pair of old boots... they fall back into place so quickly. Today I scheduled myself a 12 hour shift, but starting a few hours later than last week. That extra two hours of sleep was magical!

(The above was written, but never posted, as I looked at my watch and realized I needed to bolt. This is now being posted on the morning of my first day off since taking the new job. Again, slept in till 6 am. Still magical).

I'm happy to report the twelve hour work day went by with no collapse on my part. I'll admit... there was a worry on that score, as it's been a while since I kept activity level that high for that long. Energy and attention stayed high right till I got home.... and promptly fell sound asleep fifteen minutes later in the recliner. Good timing, aye?

On my 'To Do' list today, aside from recuperation and car repair, is filling the blog bin. With luck, some worthy thoughts will stumble past slowly enough I can capture them. Stay... um... tuned.

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