Monday, July 2, 2012


Little factoid from Art's world: I seldom read magazines. Books, yes. Internet, all the time. E-books, you bet. Newspapers, all the time. Magazines.... not so much. I gave them up for a lost cause many decades ago.

Recently, I let a pretty decent Amazon deal sway me, and I did a subscription to Guns and Ammo Magazine. Hey, it was $12.97 for a year! It's not like it was a major financial risk.

This morning, in the 'smallest room', I had time to browse the first issue to arrive. Something struck me (Clean up those thoughts) and I began counting.

56.8 is what I arrived at.

That is the number of pages in this issue of G&A devoted to advertising. The entire issue is 120 pages total. That means about half the magazine is advertising copy.

Well, at slightly over $1 per month, I guess the other half is still a decent deal.

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