Sunday, July 15, 2012

Really liking these LED lanterns more and more...

My whole life, I have kept some 'supplies' handy. I can recall, at the tender age of ten, having a foot locker stocked with food, fire, candles, meds.... you know.... handy stuff to have. Towards that end I have pretty much always had a stock of candles on hand, and waterproof matches to make them work.

Truth be told, later in life that included always having an oil lantern or three around, and usually a propane camping lantern as well.

When 'Super Bright' LED's happened a few decades ago, I built my first LED flashlight. It operated over 100 hours on a rechargeable 9v battery, and I had a 9v solar panel to plug into it. That flashlight became my bedside companion, and another like it went off to work with for destructive testing.

Now? I have a handful of commercial LED flashlights that are simply astounding in their brightness, strength, longevity of battery life, and survivability. Superb values, each and every one.

Some time back, after a power outage here at the Castle (Dasturdly Peasants must have cut the cables!), I investigated the latest in LED lantern offerings. Sure, my flashlights lit the way just fine, and made a room perfectly usable.... but they are not fun to read by.... nor to cook by.... etc. Their focused light is great for many things, but not really the greatest to just enjoy life with during the blackout.

For general room lighting, I had been using Aladdin lamps, a fantastic oil lamp in it's own right, but expensive and has an operators learning curve. Something better was required. Something easier, more economical, and safer to use.

Thus.... the Rayovac LED Lantern.

I now own three of these buggers, and last nights patio party went a long way towards proving their immense utility. Retrieved from their storage spots in home, garage, and vehicle.... each was pressed into duty as safe and efficient lighting that a bunch of drunken friends couldn't set my house on fire with. Rolling up a sheet of photographers color gel into a tube and placing one around each lantern.... they became brilliant mood lighting for the party, and chugged away all night without complaint. Stumbling down the stairs this morning and beginning the clean up process, I found two had been left on the whole night, and had not dimmed one whit.

I am very much sold of these things. It's possible these will be my new favorite Christmas gift for the year. For $25 and free shipping, and three 'D' cell batteries last... well... a long long time.... you can't beat the value.

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JohnMXL said...

Bought a couple based on your recommendation back when Amazon had them on sale.

Used one while working in the crawlspace on a plumbing project - hot enough under the house without the added heat of an incandescent drop lamp.

Took one with me on a weeklong camping trip in conjunction with a motorcycle rally.

So nice to have light (sometimes too much light!) without heat and hassle!