Saturday, July 21, 2012

Working 12 hour days right now, I have little enough time to follow events with any depth. It seems to be a cycle of 'Work, drive, shower, eat, sleep, drive, work'. with mighty damn little of anything else happening. I'll happily report that this here old man seems still capable of maintaining such a schedule, although there is a physical and mental price to it.

That means.... I am pretty much without a worthwhile thought or comment to make regarding the recent mass murder. I simply don't have time to dig into the story and strain the facts from the biased crapola. That said, I am made to understand a likewise lack of ability didn't stop ABC news and Brian Ross from leaping to an ill-researched foregone conclusion and doing a two footed jump right onto some unsuspecting innocent schmucks entire life by performing a criminal-level bad job of false reporting.

Doing ones job THAT badly calls for a major public ass whooping.... and I mean old school style with a post, manacles, and a whip.

No surprise it comes from ABC, who is managing to maintain a near perfect record of never failing to fail when it comes to professional journalism. They have gotten so bad at being bad, even the supermarket check out scandal sheets are looking down their noses at them.

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Old NFO said...

Yeah, I'm purposely staying away from the BS, and letting time pass for the REAL investigators get to the bottom of it. Otherwise I'd run out of duct tape, and the TV would probably have a hole in the screen.