Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A long time back, an 'old dude' taught me something. Look at a source, and ask yourself... "What can they NOT say?". He meant this.... lets say Matt Drudge or Limbaugh ran a piece on Barack Obama... is there any chance at all it would be a complimentary piece? Probably not. Knowing that in advance tells you a lot about what you get from that source.

It's the same with The New York Times, The Philly Inquirer, The Washington Post, and almost every other major paper.... is there any chance at ALL they would run one single solid positive article on Romney/Ryan? No... not really. Again, knowing that in advance helps walk the maze of competing bias.

For most of my life, this has held pretty true, and perhaps this explains my consternation at seeing this relatively honest piece in the LA Times. It's like they throttled the bias back to 10% and actually let a reporter print something almost factual.

This.... THIS.... is shaking the foundations of my morning. I think I need more coffee.

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