Thursday, August 2, 2012

Doing my part to get the economy going.....

Yesterday I fired one and demoted one, but I also started a new one, and starting another new one today. Employee's, that is. I'm also finishing training another new one for a different site in our company. Friday, I intend to talk with one more, and maybe make another hire.

Contrary to popular view, it's NOT easy being the boss.... but it must be done. Along the way I have the fun of putting people to work and training them into new skills. It's a lot like school... except people are allowed to fail, and I am allowed to fire them when they do, and no one is telling me to pinch pennies while they buy themselves four grand custom made desks.


Old NFO said...

Ah yes... Management... At least you're getting latitude from the owners to do what is necessary!

Carteach said...

From Roger:


I spent 30 years in manufacturing management. Primarily in metal fabrication but also in QC and manufacturing engineering.

A wlse old mentor told me about firing folks, that the boss doesn't fire anyone.He just brings them the news. It's true. Poor employees fire themselves throughpoor performance, attitude, dishonesty, etc.

One of the worst problems I had was to wait long enough for a poor employee to

recognize that they were a poor fit or to do or say something that they KNEW wouldget them terminated.

I've fired 'em for all kinds of reasons, drunk on the job, stoned on the job, theft, insubordination,
malfeasance, failure to bathe ( !! ), falsifying time cards, etc etc.

It always was surprising to me that an employee working in a good company would throw away
a good paying job for a few dollars worth of copper, or a cold beer - - -. But in the end, they
all in fact fired themselves. I just brought them the news.