Sunday, August 12, 2012


So, in the first dream.....

I'm in what seems to be an old and very run down house. I'm there with two adults and a small 'herd' of little kids. I don't know any of them, but the one adult feels like a conglomeration of previous employers, right up to the principal at the school.... and had his name as well.

I look out the window on suburban landscape, with city-ish in the far away. From a darkening sky there is a huge funnel cloud, maybe five miles away. I call the other adults over to see it... and then I realize it's moving towards us.

It's a big one, and I am seeing buildings shattered and debris flying. I tell the people we have to get to the basement NOW, but I don't know the building at all. The one person I identify as my former principal-ish says the building kinda has one, but whines that it's hard to get to, and just won't move.

I start herding them all to the most obvious door, pushing them hard. We get to an inner room half underground, very dirty and cluttered, with a small window high on the wall. I run to the window and see the twister RIGHT THERE, with buildings around us being ripped apart, and then the window goes black from thrown debris.

I turn around, and I just see the tail end of the herd of kids going through another door, and run over because I think they are headed to a deeper basement.... just to find the principal-ish dude has taken them outside into a glass enclosed room with nothing to hide under. I realize they are all going to die from his stupidity, and wake up just as I am diving back into the basement and the room shatters in the tornado.

Dream two.....

I am at a desktop computer, which has a large flat screen monitor on top of it. GF is sitting beside me. I realize the screen resolution has been changed from where I had set it, and I have the impression it was a machine that I built myself. I'm getting upset, and ask her if she changed it... and she shrugs.... and I'm searching for a way to reset it..... and suddenly I'm late to go to work.

I know she's going to spend the day with friends, because they just pulled up next to us in a car with the windows down and music blasting, and I realize they are people I would never allow near anything of mine that was worth a penny...... and I am late to leave for work.... and if she doesn't care enough that she would jack around my screen settings then she doesn't care period.... and I'm late for work to earn the money that pays all the bills...... and if I leave those assholes will steal everything they can carry...... and she doesn't care enough to stop them.... and I am late for work...... and...... all this solidifies at once.

Bam... I am awake.

Now I shall drink coffee and contemplate these dreams to see if they mean a damn thing, or are better pegged to the spiced up tacos the neighbor brought over late last night.

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Old NFO said...

Dreams... Who knows... :-)