Thursday, September 6, 2012



I am somewhat surprised at myself for saying this, which is strange as I was with me the whole time I was thinking about this....

I have had my fill of politics. I'm done with it. It's turned into something uglier than I will stand for in my life. More than that, it's become a pointless exercise in manipulating otherwise good people into thinking, saying, and doing things they'd otherwise cringe at seeing themselves do.

I say pointless, because in my opinion it's gone too far. The thieving bastards have stolen everything not nailed down, and then they pulled the nails up and stole the rest. When there was nothing left to steal, they mortgaged our future and then stole that too. When that ran out, they mortgaged our children's futures, and stole even that.

There is nothing left to steal. The house of cards has been gutted till nothing but a breeze will blow it down.... and those stupid bastards are looking for a way to plug in a fan.

I'm done with it.

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