Monday, September 17, 2012

Gurgle Snarf!

It's one of those times of the year when my sinuses declare a land war on Asia... or something.

The first time it happened, I honestly thought I was headed towards a slow painful death, as sleeping was impossible and most of the day was spend snurfling and honking up volkswagon sized piles of nasty.

Once I actually saw the Doc about it a few years ago, and he explained just how stupid I was, it came under control pretty quick. Some meds on occasion, a few other things, and all is livable.

Well, one of those 'Other things' is a Nasal Flush thingie widget.

It's nothing but a plastic squeeze bottle with a nostril sized plug on the end and a dip tube into the bottle. One fills it with warm salty water, shoves it up ones nose, and gives 'er a good squeeze.

What happens after that could frighten the cat into hiding under the refrigerator. Water comes shooting out the other side of your nose, and what feels like every other orifice on your head, after doing a round-a-bout route through all your sinuses. On it's way through it collects all the crud you have been breathing for the last few days... and shoots it out of your head so it splats into whatever vessel you happen to be standing in.... which for me is my morning shower.

I feels like a team of navy divers have gone through your head, scraping all the barnacles out and replacing them with a stream of profanity that only navy divers could pull off. It usually causes me to snort, sneeze, snarfle, cough, and splort... all at the same time, while shaking my head and beating down the demon in my soul who swears I am trying to drown myself.

Then... you get to do the other side.

It works well, even if a little on the 'Eat a live toad ever morning' principle. Still beats the hell out of honking up volkswagon sized batches of nastiness.


Crucis said...

I started using a saline spray last year. It's important the spray is sterile. That why I buy a small bottle at the local drugstore. An acquaintance decided to make his own spray using tapwater. He didn't boil it first. The non-sterile water added to the infection. He died a week later.

Nasal sprays are good. Just don't make your own without observing the "rules."

JohnMXL said...

Gee...sounds worse than the descriptions I've heard of waterboarding...and that's been declared torture!

Guess maybe if it's self-inflicted it doesn't count.