Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The value of thinking in reverse....

Teaching electrical diagnostics to young people, I constantly harped this mantra: Power, Ground, and Load! One must always consider all three in order to quickly and correctly diagnose an electrical fault. Most people, no matter how much training they get, just think 'power'. If it's getting power, the circuit must be okay.


It must also have ground, and the quality of the ground must match that of the power, or better. It takes someone who can see the problem from two directions at once to deal with that.

Well.... Money is exactly like that.

Your next trip to the grocery store is going to cost you more than your last trip. Probably a LOT more. Prices are going up, fast, faster, and quickly.

99.99999% of the people out there will bemoan the rising costs of living... and be utterly wrong in their thinking. The groceries are worth nothing more now than they were last week, or last year.

The dollar you buy them with is worth less. A LOT less. That is why the dollar per apple % is rising. It has nothing to do with apples being worth more, and everything to do with dollars being worth less.

Now... once that is realized.... begin looking at why the 'money' you worked so hard for is having it's value stolen away.

In that direction lies... revolution.

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Old NFO said...

Good point, for example the Aussie dollar is now worth MORE than the US dollar... exchange rate was .95Aus to $1.