Friday, November 16, 2012

Victim hell... but it's one story anyway

The company I work for has just been sold.  The deal finalizes in a week or two.  The old owner is a nice old guy who's worked 25 years to build up a four location business into a world class outfit.  The new owners, a multi-state company gobbler with overseas financing and 170 current sites.

Looking over the information I can find on the new ownership, I can't seem to find anyplace in their business model where I fit.  Maybe they have something in mind, but most likely I will be shoved out with the other people let go in their last thirty takeovers.

There are some good reasons for the sale..... but I know the old gents financial adviser.... and I can guess at the single biggest reason for the sale to take place right NOW.

It will happen just under the wire to avoid the tax increases on the 'Rich' we'll see in the next few months.  You know.... the 'Rich'.... old people who have worked 80 hour weeks for a generation, all to build a business and employ people.

The old guy who owns the company now?  He's retiring.... and using the sale proceeds to personally continue all the charity work the 'rich company' does now.

Along with tossing people into the unemployed bucket, it's a safe bet 'Big New Company' will have no interest in supporting all the things 'Little Old Rich Guy Company' does.

If/When I get the notice to vacate the position, I may take a month off to relax and consider my future options.   I can't afford to retire..... but I can afford to be a little choosy.


Old NFO said...

Sorry to hear that Carteach!

Carteach said...

Thanks NFO, but nothing to be sorry for. My experience is things like this usually end up with improvements for me, one way or another.

JimmyDean said...

Been there before, multiple times. The good news is there is always the next, no matter what goes on, there is always the next. Sometimes you wait and wonder, but the next opportunity will come around, it always does to those who present themselves with a positive attitude. Perhaps the new owners are preparing your offer to run the place as you wish right now?

Peter said...

Sorry to hear about this, but as you say, it's possible to land on one's feet most of the time, perhaps with a little help from The Man Upstairs (whom I'll be asking about this, on your behalf).

You could always ask for a loan from Former Boss to set up a small outfit in opposition to New Boss?


Julie said...

Hope there's something new and exciting on your horizon.