Saturday, December 22, 2012

Regarding the recent..... 'excited'.... buying of firearms

Look....  it's interesting, even fascinating, watching the 'feeding frenzy' of firearms buying going on right now.  That said...... it's not really that huge a deal.

Sure, symbolically it's impressive as hell watching almost every firearms seller in the entire nation being decimated of stock in only a week or two.  Many of those buyers are new gun owners, and I approve.  Most are present gun owners who have been moved to increase their collection by a piece... or two.

To a person, almost every single one is going to voice concerns over possible limitation on their human right of self defense, now a rallying cry for every power hungry wannabe political mullah stalking the halls of government.

All that said.... there were already 80,000,000 gun owners in the United States.  If only 1 in 100 decided to buy another firearm now, and if even only 1% of the other people decided now would be a good time to lock in their rights..... that still equates to well in excess of 1,000,000 people who bought a weapon this week.

More than one million people.

While that number is staggering, consider it in terms of the 'cottage industry' that is firearms manufacturing in the united states.  There is more capacity in this nation to make cookies than there is firearms.  The greedy gun maker lobby is a myth, promulgated as propaganda to feed the useful idiots.  Smith and Wesson, one of the larger gun makers in the country, has only about 1500 employees.   Keebler cookies alone has more than twice that number.

It would take less than 200,000 buyers in one week to have a HUGE impact on the market, and store stocks. Somehow.... I suspect far more than a mere 200K people went gun shopping this week.

My point..... so shelves are bare right now, as are the gun racks.   

It'll pass, I think.  

Meanwhile.... if you MUST take part in the madness, I have a Bushy A2 and four new P-mag 30's for sale at astoundingly high prices.


Old NFO said...

I'm not selling OR buying right now...

Joat said...

I sold something that was sitting unused for three times what I thought it was worth. I'm happy with the sale I hope he's happy with it also.