Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bacon is cooking....

I think I would welcome that smell most anytime.  It promises a wonderful treat to come.  Like Christmas in an iron skillet.

As the coffee slowly takes effect, and I ease into a Sunday morning, the near future prospect of Croissant French toast looms.  It's a waypoint on a journey I call 'Creating the best French toast on the planet'.

In other me-news, I have ordered an 80,000 BTU propane heater for the workshop.  It's time I cleaned the place out, warmed up my bench, and began hitting things with hammers again.  My long hiatus from the jewelry bench may be coming to an end.

Job related.... I gave notice, and feel MUCH better now.  I actually enjoy my days since doing that, even with no end point in sight... yet.  Yesterday the shop broke records for car count, and it ran like a perfectly balanced machine.  The simple joy of that does not escape me.

( A moment to flip the bacon.  While on that subject... Why oh Why do people insist on cooking bacon in a smoking hot fry pan?  There is no call for it... medium low does nicely, and doesn't spit screaming hot splathers of bacon grease all over the kitchen, the cook, and the cat. Just have patience.  Grab a book.  Drink coffee. Snuggle with somebody.)

So, you crotchety old bastard, hows that relationship thing working out?  Glad you didn't ask.  It's rocky, as in "What the fuck just ripped the bottom out of the boat?!?"  Still afloat, we are, but only through convenience and habit.  We share the house, and it's just easier to keep it that way.  As for emotional state.... roller coaster.... and roller coasters bore me.  Physical?  What's it to you?  But nothing much there, since you didn't ask.  At least on my part.

No fears on hurting feelings writing here.  I can't think of any woman I ever cared about that cared back enough to read my blatherings on-line.  Even the best of them was hit and miss.

 (Another moment away to do bacony tasks.  Back on that subject.... cooking lower and slower offers another advantage besides not being slowly burned to death one agony at a time.  Cooked slow, 'crispness control' is near perfect.  You can call that shot every single time.)

Back to that French toast thing.....

I really seem to have picked up that calling.  How to create the BEST French toast in the WORLD.  It may take the rest of my life, and I may never see the end result of the work.... buy holy crap am I enjoying the journey!

 As I write, croissants sliced in two are drying on the board.  If allowed to go just slightly stale, they soak up more of the eggy goodness.  That does not mean starting with stale bread as the French house wives did so long ago.... it means starting with fresh croissants and letting them dry just a little while, under control.

The eggsy mixture.... I have graduated to eggs from free range chickens, blended with a 50/50 mix of heavy cream and premium French Vanilla creamer. An extra dollup of Shank's Pure Vanilla Extract is added as well.

The Croissants are allowed to soak this stuff up for a good 45-60 seconds, and then cooked slow in a medium hot cast iron fry pan liberally supplied with melted butter.
A key to this journey seems to be accepting no quarter when it comes to flavor.  Every ingredient needs to be the best available.  Even one bit of give on that, and it's no longer the 'Best French Toast in the World'.  Use skim milk, and the Gods will weep for you.  Wonder bread instead of Croissants, and you might as well eat at Dennies (BLECH).

I suppose there is a life lesson in there someplace.  If you want it to be good at the end, then all the bits you put in have to be good as you go.




Old NFO said...

I've GOTTA try that recipe! Good luck on the other 'fronts'...

Bob said...

I've never tried it with croissants; prefer sweet challah bread, sliced about 1" thick. If challah isn't available King's Hawaiian Bread works fine.