Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This image and these words were posted on Facebook by Zero Hour LLC.

"The above photo was taken 1/28/13 at the Hartford Connecticut Public Hearing on new proposed gun legislation where thousands of CT residents turned out with over 1300 registering to give testimony. Seen in the photo is State Senator, Assistant Majority Leader, and gun ban proposal author coauthor, Beth Bye. While the other legislative officials in attendance all listened intently to testimony given from both sides of the fence, Bye spent hours playing on Facebook, posting and chatting with friends, and blatantly ignoring all testimonials which opposed her stance. Next time CT residents vote, they’ll be saying Bye, Bye."

While I applaud the activity of showing the sleezy cold hearted politicritter for what it is, and doing something, even if it's only a tiny something, to get rid of it....

I disagree with the last statement.   There is not one ittsiest bittsiest shred of surety this vile creature of politics will be sent packing.  Neither her, nor any of the others who lately have placed their personal political gain ahead of the peoples civil rights.

You see..... 'Beth Bye', Schumer, Da Mayor of New Yawk, and even the current president..... they were all put in place be people who wanted them there.  They VOTED to have exactly this happen. Either they knew exactly the kind of sick, greedy, creatures they voted for and agreed with the world that would result, or they were too stupid to think about what they were doing.... and for people like that there is no hope.

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