Monday, January 28, 2013

You will never believe what I found on Craigslist....

No S#!&, there I was... looking over Craigslist stuff for this area, and.... I am NOT making this up... there was a listing for an AR caliber conversion kit.

Not just any, but an original 30 year old US Military rimfire conversion setup for the AR platforms.  With THREE magazine inserts, no less, AND the original military manual.

Hell yes I bought it.  I would have bicycled through the ice and snow to make this score.

Happy range time tomorrow, as I explore what this thing does.  Likely I will sell it, but for now... it's PLAY TIME!

Pictures and a write up after some range time.  With luck I will find some 60 grain subsonics before I hit the range tomorrow.   This is going to be fun!

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