Wednesday, February 6, 2013

And the nurse said.....

"Usually, no one is eager to get on that scale!"

Today marks two weeks of a restructured diet.  Not a 'Diet', but just a more sensible diet.  I've dropped a lot of the carbs out, and increased the meat, fruit, and veggies.  Nothing complicated, and the only thing I even consider weighing, measuring, or counting... is myself and the number on that scale every few days.

10 pounds down.

This 'accomplishment' may be judged with the knowledge that I am mostly constructed of fat, hot air, and BS anyway.

Either way, it makes me chortle..... just a little.  I celebrate this morning with a breakfast of ham steak and over easy eggs.... which are specifically indicated as preferable in my 'diet'.  :-)

1 comment:

James A. Zachary Jr. said...

Dropping 10lbs in winter is a WOW moment. Most of us gain 10.

Way to go!